WOW! Watch Donald Trump Totally Expose Professional ‘CON MAN’ Al Sharpton (VIDEO)

President Trump’s campaign was far from his first time in the spotlight. The Trump name has long been synonymous with power, fame, and money. The President has a reputation for his no-nonsense approach to life, which may stem from his time in a military academy. As an adult, though, he made a name for himself in the real estate business.

Both friends and foe’s of President Trump were astounded at the immediate traction he gained in his bid for the presidency. There have been many speculations as to why he resonated so well with the American people, but a large portion of that speculation attributes this to his straightforward dealings with people, both on the personal level as well as business.

Such was the case when he was a frequent guest on Fox and Friends. On one such occasion, he was asked his opinion on civil rights leader Al Sharpton. Watch as President Trump calls Sharpton not only a liar but a “con man”:

According to now President Trump, it was known in the upper crust circles of New York City that Sharpton was a liar, thief, con man and had no respect for how his words might damage others. If you listen closely you’ll hear one of the hosts ask if Sharpton “has blood on his hands” to which Trump replies “I don’t understand how he gets away with murder.” I couldn’t tell you whether this is a colloquial turn of phrase or not, but the context sounded very literal.

Sharpton has long been known as a trouble maker for all races, and a general detriment to civilized society. While diplomacy is a very important thing in foreign relations, we all live here, where the mess is being made, and where the conflict must be resolved. For many Americans, it is a very refreshing turn of events to hear Trump call a spade a spade.

(Source: US Herald)

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