Watch This Elderly Woman Slammed To The Ground, What Happens Next Is SICKENING

A video came out on Sunday that shows a group of young people verbally attacking an elderly woman. She was walking her two small dogs through the pool party. At this point, it is not known what she said, but you can clearly hear people yell “Throw her in!” from the crowd.

Watch the sickening video below.

This is sick and gross. Here is another angle.

Just imagine if that was a party of all white people and a teenager had thrown a black person in the pool… Could you imagine the media outrage if that happened?

The media is gross and will not report on this. That’s why we need to get this out there.

A nation that doesn’t protect its elderly – regardless of race – is no nation at all.

Share this with young people that you know, patriots! We need to make this country strong again and we need to respect our elders. Amen.

Thanks for reading. (h/t Austin Daily Globe)

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