Trump Just Did What No President Has Done Before! Israel And Palestine Will NEVER Be The Same…

Donald Trump has promised he is a great negotiator, and after what he did in Israel today there can be no more room for doubt.

For almost 70 years we have been told there is “no path to peace” for Israel and Palestine because they REFUSE to work together. Well, guess what…

Trump just got Israel to offer up trade, employment, and West Bank construction to make peace with Palestine.

This is absolutely unheard of. In the decades of failed peace negotiations, one thing the US could never do was get Israel or Palestine to agree to give up ANYTHING to each other.

But, as the President of Egypt al-Sisi said, Donald Trump is a man who can make the impossible, possible.

Israel even proudly displayed their offers to Palestine so the world could see how serious they are. The concessions include:

  • Allowing THOUSANDS of new building permits for Palestinians in occupied West Bank territories

  • The extending of Israel Railways services to the northern West Bank city of Jenin

  • Approve the enlargement of a Palestinian industrial zone on the edge of the southern West Bank

  • The passage across the main Jordan River bridge linking the Palestinian territory and the neighboring kingdom will now be open 24/7 to Palestinians

  • More trade benefits to help regrow the Palestinian economy in the Gaza Strip

There has never been a President in US history who has even come CLOSE to what Donald Trump just manage to accomplish. It is even more impressive considering how anti-Palestine Benjamin Netanyahu’s party has been in the past.

When I called the deal Trump got through the Israeli government impossible, I was not lying. Until today, it was impossible.

Now that Trump has gone and done it, it’s up to us to get this shared to all our friends and family and show them that Peace is possible with Donald Trump in charge.

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