Trump Admin Has Authorized Customs And Border Patrol Officials To Completely Screen All Cargo Trucks

As we all know former President Obama didn’t really care about border security, but since November we have a different kind of administration led by President Trump.

Judicial Watch says, that this administration has authorized Customs and Border Patrol officials to completely screen all cargo trucks coming to America through the southern border with Mexico.

“We felt like we were the welcoming committee and not like we were guarding our borders,” said U.S. Customs agent Patricia Cramer, who is also president of the Arizona chapter of the agency employee’s union.

“The order was to facilitate traffic, not to stop any illegal drugs from entering the country,” she continued. “We want to enforce the law. That’s what we signed up for.”

Cramer, a K9 handler at the Nogales port of entry in Arizona, said that huge amounts of drugs are broth into the U.S. by cargo trucks, who during the Obama tenure had no problem passing, but now they go under X-ray screening and sometimes even are being completely searched if something seems suspicious.

This new rule frustrated the Mexican drug cartels that were using the trucks to smuggle drugs. They rapidly found about the new policy because they are constantly observing the border.

“They know if we’re on the job, the level of screening that we’re conducting,” said Cramer. “The cartels watch us all the time. They see everything.”

Also in these cargo trucks, drugs are not the only thing being smuggled, but also money and weapons, and illegal immigrants as well.

The Customs and Border Patrol agents are there to do just that and it’s suspicious why they weren’t allowed to search every vehicle they find to be mistrustful.

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