Tomi Lahren Just Went On “The View” And Handed Them Their Asses, It’s Priceless [Video]

It is without a doubt that ABC’s dippy daytime talk show The View is the stupidest program on television. The show is dominated by extreme liberals Whoopi Goldbertg and Joy Behar, and the token conservatives on the program are used as punching bags for the liberals.

The show clearly does not have a true conservative on its panel, as current co-host Jedediah Bila constantly bends under Whoopi and Joy’s pressure. These ladies clearly do not know how to deal with an actual conservative, as commentator Tomi Lahren recently proved when she appeared on The View and destroyed the hosts.

Joy Behar has stated on the show in the past that she actually, absurdly believes that Barack Hussein Obama is America’s greatest president of all time, ahead of even Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

She tried to trap Lahren into smearing Donald Trump with a truly nasty question, asking, “I would like to ask you, woman to woman, is it difficult for you to support Trump as a leader when he treats women so poorly?” Responded Tomi, “If we go back to the campaign… I looked at the things [Trump] said and I looked at the things that Hillary Clinton did.” She reminded her how Hillary Clinton helped her husband Bill cover up how he sexually assaulted women.

Continued Lahren, “This whole ‘Trump is anti-woman’ thing, I just don’t buy it, because if he was so anti-woman, why did he select a female to run his campaign? If Kellyanne Conway had been a Democrat, you all at this table would have been applauding her, singing her praises.” How much do you love Tomi for destroying these liberal losers like this? Watch below:

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