This Olympian Just Praised North Korea For The Dumbest Reason Imaginable

Even though we are all set from our 2016 election here in the states, some countries are still biting their nails, waiting to see what the results of their elections will be. James Cracknell is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and aspires to make his new vocation politics. Sadly for him, both his name and his mouth invite quite a bit of criticism.

According to The Blaze:

“Cracknell is planning to run for Parliament in 2020 as a member of the Conservative Party, and hopes to make government crackdown of obesity a central issue in his platform.

The leaders of North Korea and Cuba, both Communist regimes, have a history of depriving their citizens of food while spending millions of dollars of luxury items for its own members of government and military programs.”

The confusion that Cracknell might be suffering from is that in sports, the results tell the story. Good bad or ugly, as long as you’ve got the skills you can pay the bills. But in politics, everything you do is all about history and far-reaching implications of laws that you pass and decisions you make.

Whatever you tolerate, the next generation will embrace. So you want to get a little dictatorial about what people eat, the next crop of healthy know-it-alls will ration food so that we have a nice strong workforce. Then the next group will do physicals on the workforce and assign them jobs that fit their ability so that we all function at max capacity. Then you will, of course, need to live close to your work, so you will have to be assigned a partner so that you can both live in a place convenient to work. We can’t have you needlessly commuting because one of you works in another area.

That is the reason that we shouldn’t let government overreach. On a more practical level though, before we get too excited about the Kim Jung-un diet plan, we should look at the man himself. I”m pretty sure whatever he himself is doing isn’t a good idea. People like to compare Trump to Hitler because, I dunno, they’re both white I guess. But this guy actually wants you to elect him as a law-maker, knowing that he wants to take tips from dictators. Sure, maybe he knows a lot about nutrition, but that’s not what he’s pushing, he’s touting government controlling every aspect of what you put in your body.

The thing about a dictator is that they’ll do whatever suits them. Doesn’t matter if it’s food, or killing a particular race of people or invading the world and getting you blown off the map. If they’re ok with seeing a country as a tool to carry out their plans, you’ll never get a say in how it’s done, you’ll just be along for the ride. These types of people see the country as there to serve the government, as opposed to the government being there to serve the people. Big difference, and a real big deal.

(Source: The Blaze)


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