Starbucks CEO Who Attacked Trump Just Got A Brutal Dose Of Karma – Trump Got The Last Laugh!

After many missteps in the past Starbuck, or “FiveBucks” as I like to call them, CEO is officially stepping down.

This truly is reason to celebrate if you’re into paying top dollar for bitter tasting burnt coffee. Howard Schultz first came on the “Political Scene” when he made a controversial statement saying that if you don’t agree with the gay marriage agenda Starbucks Coffee doesn’t want your money. This was great for many “American way of life” loving patriots because if you actually take the time to do the math, at $5 a day for 20 days a month equals $100, that’s $1200 a year for a product you can brew at home for $.05 a day. I wrote it out as a Public Service cause most people don’t do the math and don’t see how much money they are throwing away.

A few months after making this asinine statement he once again put his smelly foot in his big mouth by saying if you are a Trump supporter he doesn’t want your money either. This must have gone over very well with the board of directors I’m sure.

He has also been dogged by both sides of the political aisle for pulling out of Israel. One side stating the company was anti-Israel and the other accusing them of helping Israel buy bombs because you know, the poor defenseless Palestinian killers. It was never 100% clear if it was just a business decision or a case of your typical Liberal American self-hating Jew syndrome.

Like a friend from Israel once told me, “If you live here and go to Starbucks over all the great coffee shops we have then you are dumber than a Palestinian Terrorist trying to climb over our newly constructed border wall”.

A side note to all you snobby “Starbucks drinking Liberals,” You can buy a reusable Starbucks cup, brew the coffee yourself and people will still think you’re hip and trendy while actually enjoying a good quality cup of Joe.


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