SCARAMUCCI FIRED: Look What Got Him Canned Seconds Ago

Just days after Anthony Scaramucci let loose with a profane tirade against several members of President Trump’s senior staff, the former-White House communications director has officially been ousted.

Scaramucci’s tenure lasted a mere 10 days, and he lost his job on the same day that former Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was sworn in as President Trump’s new chief of staff.

The outspoken Scaramucci quickly clashed with then-chief of staff Reince Priebus, ripping him to shreds in a vulgar interview published by The New Yorker last week. But it didn’t come as too much of a surprise for Scaramucci, who according to CNN, had told Kelly he would leave his position to allow the new chief of staff to put his own team together.

This is a strong sign of President Trump doing his darnedest to build a productive administration for the future to come. If one piece doesn’t fit, the whole puzzle can’t be completed, and draining the swamp has long been a complicated task.

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