Out-of-Touch Newsweek Can’t Write about Real News, Runs Story on Trump’s Hair

Newsweek magazine was, at one point, viewed by many Americans as a reliably decent media outlet that could be counted on to report current events in a fair and objective manner.

But that seemed to change around the time that then-candidate Donald Trump entered the political scene, and since that time Newsweek has succumbed to anti-Trump derangement and transformed into little more than a petty and partisan gossip rag.

As evidence of that assertion, we present to you this Newsweek article which gleefully took shots at President Trump over how the wind blew his famous hair out of place and revealed his balding scalp while he was climbing the steps onto Air Force One on Friday.

You can watch for yourself right here what “journalist” Tufayel Ahmed described a horror that could never again be unseen:

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If this is what constitutes “news” for Newsweek and other outlets these days, no wonder the mainstream media is in such decline and held in contempt by so many people who view those who make up the media as more than a little out of touch with the normal Americans.

To be sure, Trump’s famed hair is kind of a thing in and of itself, so there is some humor to be derived from seeing it messed up by the wind — which is why it was no surprise to see the late-night comedians jump all over the incident with plenty of jokes, as noted by The Daily Wire.

But that is where the story should have been the whole time, in the hands of those late-night talk show host who (according to them) possess a “degree of intelligence,” not in the digital pages of a formerly prestigious news magazine.

One can only wonder why, with all that is going on domestically and across the globe, Trump’s wind-blown hair was deemed important enough to warrant coverage by an outlet like “News”week.

Do you think Trump’s wind-blown hair is worthy of coverage by Newsweek?

The truth of the matter is that media outlets like Newsweek are incapable of arguing against Trump on the real issues of importance — either because they don’t understand the issues themselves, or because they know that he is right and that he stands with a majority of the American people.

Thus, they attack him over his tweets, his personality, his blunt talk, or his unique mannerisms.

As an aside, there really isn’t any thing “new” or newsworthy to be derived from the Newsweek article, as it had already been revealed following Trump’s recent medical examination that he was dealing with male pattern baldness.

Indeed, the good Navy doctor Admiral Ronny Jackson stated as much when he noted that Propecia, a medication to treat baldness, was one of the few prescriptions that Trump took on a regular basis.

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As such, since Trump’s hair loss isn’t exactly “breaking news,” there was really no reason for Newsweek to run this story other than to attack and make fun of the president for an incredibly minor and insignificant medical issue.

It is stuff like this that has not only led the media to be held in such disregard, but also ironically helped get Trump elected and will serve to help him get reelected if this kind of behavior continues.

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What do you think of what has become of Newsweek magazine in the age of Trump? Scroll down to comment below!

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