MEDIA IN FLAMES: Chuck Todd Just Threatened Jeff Sessions With HEINOUS CRIME

What is it that the liberals always say? “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” Well, forget the smoke, because the Mainstream media has broken into a massive firestorm after Jeff Sessions announced he will be cracking down on leakers who damage our great nation.

So who took the stupid-cake today when it came to making dumb comments? The winner is (drumroll)…………….CHUCK TODD.

Chuck Todd said he would ignore any Subpoenas issued by the US Justice Department!

I wonder if Chuck Todd just simply hates the US justice system or if he actually takes pride in breaking the law and hurting our country. Well, luckily for us, he admitted it on Twitter for all to see.

A bit of advice for Mr. Todd. You should not ignore your subpoenas from the Justice Department. It makes you look very guilty. If you really have NOT been trying to hurt the country, come forward, tell your story, and use proper legal channels…

Actually, never mind that Chuck Todd. You just keep imagining your own self-importance in this situation and go back to your show.


Luckily for you, Chuck, that threat was for leaking journalists. You are just an entertainer, so you are in the clear. ? Remember, this is the same guy who responded to the horrible Charleston massacre of an all-black church with a segment about how violent black criminals are. His judgment has shown to be…lacking.

Look, nobody is talking about going after the “Free Press”. We simply know that certain things are NOT meant to be published. They have no judgment. Usually the offender is more the Editor than the journalist.

Do you think Jeff Sessions’ crackdown on leakers and the media is fair? Comment your answer and share this out so Trump can see how The People feel.

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