Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Drops Conspiracy About NFL, Trump

On Tuesday, Nessa Diab, a radio/TV personality and girlfriend to anthem-protesting former NFLer Colin Kaepernick, dropped a conspiracy theory about why her boyfriend has been allegedly “blackballed” from the league.

And it includes, you guessed it, President Donald Trump.

Diab posted an article from Politico published Tuesday about President Trump’s reelection campaign buying a $10 million 60-second ad set to air during the Super Bowl.

“You see how this works?” said Diab. “Trump & his ⁦⁦[NFL] buddies from team owners & ⁦⁦[NFL Commissioner]⁩ have a code they stick by.”

“That code blackballed [Colin Kaepernick] for peacefully protesting systemic oppression,” she claimed.

“President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is planning to drop $10 million to advertise during the Super Bowl, the start of a massive election-year spending spree that will intensify over the coming months, according to four people briefed on the plans,” Politico reported.

“The campaign has purchased 60 seconds of commercial time during the Feb. 2 Super Bowl, which is likely to be the most-watched television event of the year. The ad or ads — it’s unclear whether it will be a single 60-second spot or a pair of 30-second commercials — are expected to run early in the game, when viewership is likely to be at its highest,” the outlet noted.

Diab’s theory about a supposed “code” “blackballing” her boyfriend completely negates Kaepernick’s own actions.

As reported by The Daily Wire in November, the NFL went out of their way to cater to the former QB, organizing a private workout for Kaepernick and inviting every team in the league to attend, a memo obtained by ESPN outlined.

“The session, according to ESPN, allowed Kaepernick an on-field workout and an interview, which would both be taped and made available to all teams. Moreover, the workout was set up to provide teams anonymity, so if they watched Kaepernick and didn’t want him, they wouldn’t catch flack. This was done to encourage more teams to attend the event, thus helping the quarterback secure a position,” The Daily Wire outlined.

Kaepernick, however, bailed on the tryout about a half-hour before it was supposed to begin, in part because he wasn’t allowed to bring his own camera crew.

“The workout was originally set for 3 p.m. and was to be held at the Atlanta Falcons’ practice facility in Flowery Branch,” CBS News reported. “At 2:30, representatives for the free agent quarterback informed the league that Kaepernick would instead be conducting the workout at 4 p.m. at Drew High School in Riverdale, Georgia.”

Kaepernick, a multimillionaire endorsed by Nike, then attended his own workout in a “Kunta Kinte” t-shirt, comparing himself to a defiant slave from the movie “Roots.” The film showcases an iconic scene wherein Kunta Kinte is whipped by his master for refusing to acknowledge his slave name, Toby.

Kaepernick was widely criticized for the diss to the NFL, even by close allies.

According to Sports Illustrated, Jay-Z, an outspoken supporter and close friend to Kaepernick, told sources he was “disappointed with Colin’s actions and believes he turned a legitimate workout into a publicity stunt.”

After the NFL enacted a policy with regard to anthem-protesting in 2018, Trump said the policy was a step in the right direction, but suggested it wasn’t tough enough.

“Well, I think that’s good. I don’t think people should be staying in locker rooms,” he told “Fox & Friends,” according to NBC News. “But still, I think it’s good. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem, or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.”

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