HUGE Win For Conservatives As Ryan Buckles Under Pressure

House Speaker Paul Ryan told a group of reporters on Thursday that due to the recently released Congressional Budget Office report, the leadership’s proposed replacement for Obamacare was going back to the drawing board.

Ryan said that the House would make “necessary improvements” to the legislation as they scramble for support from at least 70 Republican congressman who balked at the initial proposal, sarcastically dubbing it RyanCare.

The CBO estimated that the bill would leave 24 million people without insurance over a decade. Meanwhile, conservatives such as those in the House Freedom Caucus “want to end Obama’s expansion of Medicaid next year, not in 2020 as the bill proposes. They also say a tax credit to help people pay medical costs is too generous, and they want to terminate all of Obama’s insurance requirements, which drove healthcare costs up,” according to The Guardian.

In a move reminiscent of former Speaker John Boehner, Ryan targeted conservative Republicans’ districts in an effort to bully them into supporting his bill. The action backfired, as some were quietly whispering about replacing Ryan as speaker, just as Boehner had been ousted for similar actions taken against his party members.

You can watch Ryan’s press conference here.

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