Hillary Clinton Appointed To Replace Disgraced US Senator

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken it upon himself to send disgraced presidential candidate and career criminal Hillary Rodham Clinton back to the US Senate to replace Senator Vince McCallum, who was indicted for fraud just this morning. McCallum, who immediately resigned from the Senate, apologized to his constituents and the governor before surrendering himself to federal custody.

Under New York law, Governor Buono has the exclusive right to appoint a senator to fill the empty seat until it comes up for election, which in this case won’t be until 2020. The White House has filed an injunction in federal court to block the appointment until questions of special elections can be considered, but New York Attorney general Carlton Mendez told The New York Times that the state constitution is clear and that Cuomo is well within his rights to appoint Clinton.

According to sources inside the Capitol, Republicans are scrambling to form committees to begin official investigations into 30 years worth of crimes committed by Clinton that they’ve never been able to make stick in hopes that they can find a way to stop her from having the power of a US senator again.

Clinton wasn’t available for comment but her spokesman said she is looking forward to being in a position to help obstruct Donald Trump as much as possible. It looks like nothing much has changed for the sore loser.

Source: The Resistance : The last line of Defence

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