ESPN’s Response To Jemele Hill’s Attack Says A Lot About Them

ESPN’s host of the 6 P.M. edition of “SportsCenter,” also called “SC6,” went on Twitter Monday, making horrible accusations at President Trump.

Jemele Hill had many more tweets about Trump, and also numerous of disputes with Twitter users.

ESPN response to Hill’s behavior was embarrassing.

But the problem here is that the statement is so hypocritical it’s nauseating.

ESPN fired conservative Curt Schilling because of some social media posts that the public found provocative. Also, they fired conservative Rush Limbaugh for making remarks about Donovan McNabb.

ESPN has demonstrated in the past that they have zero tolerance policy about politically inflammatory comments, and not punishing Hill for her comments, seems like they also have a double standard policy.

Could you just imagine the punishment an employee would get by ESPN if they had accused then President Obama and his supporters of being a “black supremacist” or something like that?

The point here is not the personal feelings about Trump or Obama, it’s the freedom of thought and opinion. And when those thoughts and opinions only serve one political side, that isn’t freedom anymore, that is propaganda.

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