De Blasio Just Committed Treason, Look What He’s Giving Illegal Aliens!

In typical commie fashion Comrade De Blasio took it upon himself to forward a Communist radical agenda.

Loony New York City voters who in less than two decades went from electing America’s major and 9/11 hero Rudy Giuliani to electing a communist police force hating charlatan, should now be happy to know their city belongs to illegals.

From Breitbart:

“We will not allow ICE agents to threaten that protection, disrupt classes or take any action that would be detrimental to our students,” de Blasio said at a press conference held outside New York’s Tweed Courthouse Tuesday afternoon. “With these updated guidelines, we are reinforcing the fact that a school is a safe and protected location,” he said, adding that his promise would not apply if ICE got a court order.
“We think it’s crucial to fight for all New Yorkers and to help immigrant New Yorkers to know their rights,” declared De Blasio, who is facing reelection in November. “This is your city. Your city will stand by you.”

Umm, Comrade, “Immigrant New Yorkers” have no problem with their rights and are allowed to enjoy all the rights our constitution offers them. It’s criminal illegal aliens who need to go back to whatever cesspool they came from.

Keep in mind although New York City has turned into a cesspool of crime, and a downright freak show, no ICE agent had claimed to have entered New York City to date to escort any of these criminal moochers home.

And even if they had gone in it’s a lot better than what Mexico does to their illegal aliens. Mexican law states there is a mandatory two-year prison sentence to anyone residing within its borders illegally. This is a well-known fact in Guatemala where many of its citizens have gotten caught and jailed while trying to make their way to the states.

Nikita Khrushchev once said, “America will never fall from any invading force, it needs to fall from the inside out.” A glorious city like New York electing a communist scumbag like De Blasio proves Khrushchev had a brilliant, but terribly misguided mind.

Senator McCarthy where are you when we so need you?



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