Conservatives Are Taking Action Against Judges Who Keep Blocking Trump Ban! This Is What We NEED!

How often did a judge block President Obama’s plans for and immigration policy – The answer is numerous times…yet it was not what you think. Obama’s immigration policies that he tried to push forward were NOT in the best interest of the American people, and really, were not legal to do.

According to The Hill, back in 2015:

“A federal judge late Monday temporarily blocked President Obama’s executive action designed to shield millions of immigrants from deportation. The president’s executive actions on immigration…would delay deportations for millions of undocumented immigrants and provide them with the opportunity to apply for work permits. The first part of those policies, the deportation delay, had been set to go into effect Wednesday. The rest are expected to begin later this year.”

But now we have the exact opposite kind of problem with the latest group of federal judicial madness, two judges have blocked President Trump’s amended travel ban. This is the part where we point out the clear bias, the clear advocacy for one side of political thought – the judicial branch of government. What happened to interpreting the law as it stands, and NOT allowing your personal politics to get in the way?

These judges are heading out rogue and working hard to go against the will of the American people. And for what? All to push their own individualized political orientation? HELLO! Keep the laws that you have, and realize what the ban (NOT a Muslim one) is within the rights of the President of the United States.

Ann Coulter came up with a route of action to take, and that is Congress should be impeaching those two travel ban judges straightaway.

Coulter also claims that what those federal judges are doing is against the Constitution.

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.@AnnCoulter: “[The Republican Congress] ought to be impeaching those two travel ban judges immediately… It is against the Constitution.”

Here’s a nice video of Ann Coulter also discussing the action with Sean Hannity:



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