CNN Parrots North Korea Calling Trump A Gangster, Watch Pence Own Them With One Sentence

If North Korea was hoping that President Trump was bluffing, I’m afraid they are going to be sadly disappointed. The President has not only upped the ante repeatedly with his movement of the Navy, but Vice President Mike Pence has been on a visit to South Korea to check on our allies there.

CNN’s Dana Bash seemed to want to find a little bit of misgiving in the VP as she asked him about his feelings on the President’s hard line. She baited the trap well, but she didn’t really account for Pince’s actual opinion lining up with the President’s.

In case you missed it, the important part was this; Bash wanted to know if Pence thought that the President’s approach was too aggressive, but here’s his opinion

Via Young Cons:

“As the president says, it’s time for them to behave, to listen to the world community and to set aside their nuclear ambitions, their ballistic missile ambitions, and be willing to join the family of nations.

For my part, in some odd way it’s encouraging that they are getting the message, and my hope is that they will continue to get the message, not just from the United States and here in Japan and in South Korea, but on an increasing basis from China and countries all over the world that long ago committed to a denuclearized Korean peninsula.”

I know it may be really hard for liberals to believe, but President Trump’s desire to put an end to dictators isn’t as fringe as they want to believe. People actually back this plan and want to see it succeed. One of those people is the President’s second in command. He’s not backing off because somebody sticks a microphone in his face because he believes this is right and probably powered by the fact that he knows American’s will back him up.

If Bash is looking for someone to sink a knife in the President’s back over his foreign policy, she’s going to have to look elsewhere.

(Source: Young Cons)

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