Black Woman Who Called For Gangsters In America To Kill Trump Wakes Up To NASTY Surprise

It’s all fun and games talking trash about President Donald Trump and trying to get people to assassinate him, but then it hits back and you realize what a horrible mistake you made.

That’s exactly what happened to Black Lives Matter sympathizer Kalen Rahim after she posted nasty, violent, and murderous Tweets trying to convince gangsters in Worcester to KILL DONALD TRUMP!

I don’t think so, lady! You think a pack of thugs is getting anywhere near the President? Heck no. Secret Service is trained to spot and eliminate threads from miles away. Do you really think some untrained fleabag hood-rats could possibly be dumb enough to attempt that? I know one thing, the Worcester gangsters are damn near geniuses to me. They’re smart enough not to listen to some angry race-baiter like Kalen Rahim.

After Rahim Tweeted calls for the assassination of an American President, she woke up to some bad news. Good news for America, but bad news for her. Donald Trump is still her President. And, she got fired from her job. Apparently, her employer doesn’t associate with race-baiters or people who threaten the President. GOOD!

“race-baiter Kalen Rahim wrote the threatening tweet before Trump was scheduled to speak in her town of Worcester.

“All you Worcester gangsters and what not. You clearly have a mission on Wednesday. Kill Donald Trump,” she wrote.

The tweet was quickly picked up by TurtleBoy Sports, and before Rahim knew it, she was fired from her job. She tried to file a lawsuit against the publication for using her tweet, but she quickly learned about a little something called “freedom of speech” that ensured her suit went nowhere.”

Somewhere in her family tree there was a break in the DNA branch. Apparently, this woman didn’t get any intelligence or common sense. Had she any of either, she wouldn’t have called for violence and murder on President Trump and she wouldn’t have lost her job.

Threatening people on the Internet, especially the leader of our country, is a serious thing. She should be fined or in jail for it. Same with Snoop Dogg. There’s freedom of expression and then there’s plain stupid.

Both of these loons are the latter.

It’s one thing to dislike the President and have intelligent debates and conversations about it. But to go online, in the public, where everyone can see you and call for violence and murder towards the American President of the United States of America? Well, that’s just a special kind of stupid that’s asking for repercussions. Good luck finding another job and explaining why you lost the last one.

I guess they don’t make them like they used to.


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