HE ACTUALLY DID IT: Trump Just Announced MASSIVE Change To VA That Our Troops Will LOVE

President Donald Trump has promised since day one of his campaign that he would help our veterans like never before by getting out disastrous VA in line once-and-for-all.

Well, low and behold, President Trump organized a Press Conference today where he managed to keep his pledge to make the VA properly serve our veterans who NEED mental health help following their service:

President Trump announced all new ‘telehealth’ serviced for our veterans.


This will allow veterans to receive the health they need from the VA directly from their phone or computer, ESPECIALLY when it comes to mental health help and suicide prevention, very serious issues our vets face.

The doctors will also now be able to help veterans in rural areas using VA video connect to see the patient from their own home.

Part of this new program will allow veterans to schedule and change appointments at the VA, where wait times often exceed 7 hours in a waiting room.

The President’s new additions will also allow the vets to compare the quality of care and wait time between VA facilities and hospitals. They will also be receiving a greater opportunity to see the doctor of their choice.

Now tell me, is President Trump doing a good job keeping his word to our troops and giving our vets the care they deserve? Comment your answer and help get it shared to everyone you know so every vet in the country sees the GREAT news.



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